Thought on flying

I spend a lot of time on the road.  My typical week is spent commuting for the West Coast to the East Coast and back.  A couple of things that seem odd to me and a couple of personal observances about my own nature.

  1. Why are so many people uptight when they travel? 
  1. People jockey for position to board the plane where they will sit in misery for several hours.  I would think you would want to avoid getting into the metal tube.
  2. People rush to get to baggage claim so that they can fight for a position to retrieve luggage that is not going to be on the conveyor belt for awhile
  1. Personal observation:  I prefer to take my time getting to baggage claim.  Visit the restroom after being cooped up on the plane.  Get a coffee.  Saunter to baggage claim watching the other folks rush.  Usually by the time I get there the bags are just starting to arrive on the belt.
  2. Why does everyone jam up front making it impossible for most people to see when their bag comes through.  It would make more sense to stand back and approach the belt when your bag appears.
  • Flights away from home and flights home have a vastly different feel.
    1. Personal observation: When I am headed away from home I am not nearly as concerned about delays.  The customer can wait.  If I am delayed it is a fact of life and we will make up the time as we can.
    2. Personal observation: When I am headed towards home delays are of great magnitude.  Every delay is stealing precious time I could be spending with my wife and kids.  I guess this is partially because I spend so much time on the road and cherish the time at home.

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