The paragraph starting with "Can this all work?" brought back evocative memories of studying the cultural motivations that brought about Nazi Germany.  Not that what we are facing is Aryanism or Fascism, although it stinks of Socialism.  The German citizens were in the midst of an economic crisis with a rise of prostitution, crime, suicides, alcoholism and drug abuse.  They had shifted from an agricultural society where the expectations were known to an industrial society where pre-conceived notions were thrown to the wind.

We, the American people, have moved from an industrial society to an information society.  Access to pornography and the "sex industry" has sky rocketed.  Alcoholism and drug abuse are rampant.  We are rudderless and without compass.  I think that as the citizens grasp for some lifeline to hang onto they may well be as willing as the Germans to clutch onto whatever is offered.  I am very concerned for our country and believe we are at a crossroads where we will either go on to greatness, or be dashed to pieces with little or no recovery in our lifetime.

I must admit the speech scared me to the core.  I can only hope that other “frogs” are shocked into wakefulness before the water boils.



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