House OKs $410B bill to boost spending – Capitol Hill-

February 25, 2009

Was that a shoe I heard dropping?  The billions worth of earmarked funds, (i.e. special interest funds to pay back supporters) that Obama resolutely refused to add to the Stimulus Package, have magically appeared in the new spending bill which is “not” part of the Stimulus Package.  Do not look at the man behind the curtain or the 410 Billion dollars and 8,570 earmarks costing 7.7 Billion dollars (see above definition).  This is just a normal spending package.

House OKs $410B bill to boost spending – Capitol Hill-



February 25, 2009

The paragraph starting with "Can this all work?" brought back evocative memories of studying the cultural motivations that brought about Nazi Germany.  Not that what we are facing is Aryanism or Fascism, although it stinks of Socialism.  The German citizens were in the midst of an economic crisis with a rise of prostitution, crime, suicides, alcoholism and drug abuse.  They had shifted from an agricultural society where the expectations were known to an industrial society where pre-conceived notions were thrown to the wind.

We, the American people, have moved from an industrial society to an information society.  Access to pornography and the "sex industry" has sky rocketed.  Alcoholism and drug abuse are rampant.  We are rudderless and without compass.  I think that as the citizens grasp for some lifeline to hang onto they may well be as willing as the Germans to clutch onto whatever is offered.  I am very concerned for our country and believe we are at a crossroads where we will either go on to greatness, or be dashed to pieces with little or no recovery in our lifetime.

I must admit the speech scared me to the core.  I can only hope that other “frogs” are shocked into wakefulness before the water boils.


Berlin Airlift

February 8, 2009

We took the kids to the museum of flight yesterday.  Grandpa came and brought Lt. Col. Kenneth “Hawk” Slaker.  Lt. Col. Slaker flew in the Berlin Airlift and it was a real opportunity for the kids to meet and talk with an American hero.

The kids and the pilots

Grandpa was stationed in Wiesbaden which is at the lower left of the map below.  He flew missions between Wiesbaden and West Berlin during the sixties.  Phyllis was raised through kindergarten in off base housing in Wiesbaden

The airlift map

It helped make bring a bit of history to life.  I know both Phyllis and I enjoyed the time.  I am hoping our children got as much out of it as we did.  We do not want them to forget the sacrifice of previous generations.  When you look at the attitudes of selfless sacrifice in the Berlin Airlift and juxtapose it to the prevailing sentiment of our culture today it almost makes you cry.


We must teach our children so that they can learn from the past.  The people who lived through the time of the holocaust continue to pass on.  We owe it to them and to our children to pass on their legacy and to continue to fight for the ideals that they stood for.

The flight crew 

You can read more about Ken in his book A Military Pilot’s Exciting Life and Visit From the Hereafter.

I also recommend reading about The Berlin Airlift or the Candy Bombers (Gail Halverson).  There are also  some excellent children’s books and a video available.

Pictures from Father and Son Gym night

February 8, 2009

Air Hockey Air Hockey gang

All smiles Okay - enough smiling

Bouncing Fool Coming at you

The Line Second grade leads the way

Hes still going 50...51

The queue Jenga Tower

Filling the fellowship hall Dinner fit for guys

Father and Son Gym night

February 8, 2009

Christopher and I went to the Father and Son Gym night at Highlands Community Church on Friday night.  We had a lot of fun.  Christopher brought his pogo stick to share with other kids.  It was a very big hit.  There were often several young boys waiting to try it out (even a couple of Dads.

They served the usual fair of pizza, soda and chocolate chip cookies.  It was of course sports themed although neither Christopher nor I watch much in the way of sports.  Christopher does like Nascar.

They had a very inspiring talk.  It was about spending time with your son.  They showed a video from You Tube about Patrick Henry Hughes.  It is worth watching.

Afterward they had an object lesson about spending time with your sons.  They said the average father engages 3 times a day for 5 to 10 seconds at a time resulting in only a couple of minutes of face time a week.

Christopher and I discussed it and figured we average about five hours  a week.  He was very enthusiastic about the fact that we do things together.  I did not know it would have that big of an impact.  I imagine if most of the men there took the time to brine their sons to the gym for a Friday evening, they probably spend more than the norm with their sons. 

I will post some pictures of the event later.  Need to resize and clean up the photos.