Surviving the cold

The ramification of the fire at the beginning of December are beginning to become fully known.  We have removed the carpet and flooring around the wood stove.  The repair falls just under our deductible amount and we will be waiting to fix it until after the new year.  The smoke smell is starting to dissipate, or else we have become to inurned to the stench.

We had not wanted to have any fires because we feared that the flooring might be more susceptible to fire having already been scorched, however our hand was forced.  Our primary heater has had issues due to a vermin infestation.  We had been living on our wood stove and gas fireplace until after the first of the year (still catching up our mortgage for the previous unemployment).  Well, our Gas fireplace failed.  So, no central heating, no wood stove, no gas fireplace and the coldest temperatures since 1964.

I ended up buying two space heaters to keep the house survivable until I could make alternate repairs.  I dug out and sanded down the sub flooring beneath the wood stove.  I bought some hearth rug and heat resistant wood.  I put down the food, covered it with the rug and placed the old cracked mantle on top.  It has worked like a charm and we are again having fires in the fireplace.

I tested and then took apart the Gas fireplace (yes I disconnected the electricity and the gas first).  It was very dirty inside.  I cleaned it all out, but could not revive it.  I can get the pilot light to start if I manually light it, but the igniter will not maintain a flame. I believe the electronics are fired.  It is 20 years old and time for a replacement.

Yesterday evening I got the main heater working.  It is now a balmy 65 degrees in the house.  We were getting it up to about 50 with the space heaters and the stove.  This seems like absolute paradise.

Now at least we can survive the cold streak.


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