Employed at last

November 5, 2008

This has been a difficult stretch.  The jobs were out there – I was getting hundreds of job matches a day, yet most of them were neither jobs I could perform or matches.  Let me explain… No there is to much, let me sum up.

I have been working as a Solutions Architect since the start of this century.  The ONET (occupational titles database) closest match is a IT Research scientist.  There are projected to be 50 openings in my state this year.  Uh, not a lot of openings.  The pay is fairly high and therefore the employer wants to make very sure it is the right fit.  A typical interview process takes 6 – 8 weeks.  So as you are trying to find a job and compete with others in the same field your resources are dwindling and your anxiety is increasing 🙂

In a normal staff of 100 IT professionals you may have 2 to 3 architects each focused on a specific area.  I focus on metadata and infrastructure.  I am not a programmer.  I am not a software architect.  I am not a database architect.  I design Enterprise environments specifically in the Microsoft technology stack.  Most of the job listings I received were either for programming, testing or other wise designing software applications.  Not my space, but a lot of the terminology is similar.  Kind of like saying “you pilot a boat so you can pilot a plane.” 

But the good news is I have a position and I am looking forward to digging into the architecture for my new company, Planet Technologies.


Talking about Even the Mongolians Get It. Obama is a Communist.

November 5, 2008

  This is spot on.  It scares me how few Americans realize the bed we are making.  When it comes down to it the underlying premise of this election was greed.  It was not about what is the right thing to do.  It was not about justice.  It was not about honesty.  It was not about purity.  It was not about helping the less fortunate.  It was solely about greed.  I have had to cut out my daily latte because my stock went down, I will take the path I think provides the least resistance to keeping my monetary buzz going.

America is at a crossroads.  We have to make hard decisions in order to continue to be a super power and to provide a moral compass and shining example.  The example we set is there is no standard.   Everything is relative.  Whatever makes me happy is the truth that gets me through the day.  Because of that we have elected a Marxist to the highest office in the land.

I will continue to pray for our country and our leadership, but I really think we have turned a corner that will lead to the ultimate destruction of what was good about America, regardless of whether we succeed economically or not.


Even the Mongolians Get It. Obama is a Communist.

(A letter from Pastor Chris Bayer 0f Church On the Rock, Gig Harbor, WA)

Subject: Special Note from Mongolia

Darkhan, Mongolia – November 4, 2008 – 10:30 AM
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Greetings from the church in Mongolia. They are praying for you and thankful that you would allow me to come and teach them about the Holy Spirit.

I’m writing from the future (15 hours ahead) and I wish I could tell you how the election is going but we’re all going to have to find out together. I wanted to take a moment and share how the Mongolias view our election.

When I arrived last Tuesday almost immediately the people began asking me about our election and who I thought would win. I told them it was too close to call and then they wanted to know who I was voting for. For the sake of this email I won’t get into that but they were especially interested in Barack Obama. They could not figure out why America would be interested in such a man.

(Before I continue let me make this clear. They were asking me, I didn’t bring it up. They weren’t responding to anything I said because I didn’t say anything. They were responding from their own studies and reading and what they were hearing in the press.)

This really interested me. As they spoke I could tell they had keen insight into his ideology, philosophy, background, education, and proposals. And they all had the same question for me: “Do Americans not understand communism?”

Americans are repulsed when anyone suggests a major American candidate could have communist ideology. Mongolians, on the other hand, have lived for decades under communist rule. They know what it looks like, sounds like and how it is implemented. Thus, as they study Obama the question they have is: “Do Americans not understand communism?”

I asked what they meant and the leaders had quick answers. I won’t take time to get into all they said but they were concerned about Obama’s tax and redistribution policies. They worried about his plans for a national civilian police force and his underlying anger when anyone challenges his policies. They were very concerned about the chilling effect his people have on those who speak out against his policies. They are shocked by the virtual worship they see in people’s eyes when they are around him. They have seen how his lawyers put pressure on television and radio stations to stop playing advertisements that he doesn’t like and it reminds them of past communist strong arm tactics. They all wonder if Americans are simply blind to what’s happening right before our eyes. These are not my personal feelings; this is what the leaders here are telling me.

The leaders wanted to know if Americans have gone so far away from the original intent of our leaders Founding Fathers that we are making a conscious decision to accept communism. (Most of you will be irritated with the word communism so let’s use the word socialism.) They wanted to know if we are making an informed decision to accept socialism.

I told them that many Americans, especially the young people in colleges and universities, have been slowly indoctrinated in socialist ideology and have no idea what the Founding Fathers taught because our history books have been sanitized of their original principles of freedom. What amazes them is that in Mongolia, the children study the teachings of our Founding Fathers and look at America as the champion of personal freedom. They are concerned that if we are seriously thinking of electing Obama we seem not to know what the principles of freedom are anymore.

I asked them who they were hoping America would elect and they said John McCain. They said he had wisdom and experience. They said they felt he would defend America from its enemies and continue to defend weak nations from communism and tyranny. They also felt he would hold to the Founding Fathers ideology and wouldn’t restrict American’s freedom of speech. And they also felt that McCain would be a friend to Christians. (This is how the Mongolians see John McCain. I am not adding my personal thoughts.)

I thought you might enjoy hearing their thoughts.

As you prepare to vote I encourage you to vote for the candidate that best represents your desires for the future of our nation. Please exercise the right to vote that was paid for in blood, the right to a peaceful transfer of power every four years.

This is the first time I can remember that I will be on foreign soil to witness our election. I will let you know how the people in Mongolia respond to what happens in our great nation. I’m certain they will have plenty to say.

However you vote, may God bless each one of you and may God bless the United States of America.
Love in Him,
Pastor Chris