None of the Above

October 20, 2008

There was a 1985 movie called Brewster’s Millions.  In this movie Richard Pryor played the role of a down and out baseball player who is set to inherit 300 million dollars.  All he has to do is spend 30 million dollars and show no profit.  One of his schemes is a political campaign to get voters to choose “None of the above” on election day.

I feel like I can really relate to that sentiment.  I feel less like I am backing a candidate and more like I am choosing the lessor of two evils.  I have always voted the party line because of my philosophical viewpoint regarding key topics like abortion, gun control and taxation.

Although one of the candidates does a great job of parroting the party line, I have no confidence in either of them that they will be other than what their predecessors have been, another in a long line of big promises and short delivery.

I am working on a statement of my views on the hot topics, and my supporting documentation.  I hope it is not based on platitudes, but rather on heartfelt convictions and research.


Job Searching in the Post Bubble economy

October 20, 2008

It has been a very interesting job search.  I am learning a good deal about the state of the economy, the focus of local business and myself. 

I have actually enjoyed this round of job searching.  It has helped me to solidify who I am and the space I wish to target for my career.  I have called myself a solutions architect and a standards architect for a number of years now.  It kind of falls under the category of those who can’t code, direct.  🙂

I find that the need for clear vision and direction in the development of applications and infrastructures is more clear then ever before in history.  Business seems to be recognizing it as well.  I was getting no hits on my resume when I first hit the market.  Now I am getting half a dozen a day.  At least half of them are also assessing my skill set correctly.  I look forward to completing this segment of my career search and getting down to business.