Unemployed in Greenland

August 9, 2008

Well, add insult to injury.  This has been the year for it.  Or rather the “several” years for it.

  • My BFF Bjorn Lovoll moved to Norway the beginning of April 2006.  He was my confidant, friend and moral support.
  • Dad passed away April 28th 2006.
  • I was released from my project at Microsoft after 18 months on June 15th 2006.
  • I went to work for a start-up and didn’t start getting really paid till December 2006 (wiped out our savings)
  • My mother had a stroke and started the long progression downhill with advanced Alzheimer’s.
  • It happened again in August and that was then end of communication.
  • The company appeared to be in a death spiral and I left in October 2007 to work for a firm with a large number of people I had worked with and valued in the past.
  • The start-up proceeded with accusations, finger pointing and lawyers to try and bind me up as much as possible.
  • In December 2007 my Brother-in-law died.  It was peaceful, but it was the second husband my sister lost to health issues.
  • My Mother’s Brother died in January 2008
  • My Mother died in February 2008.
  • In March the company began systematically firing the highest paid people (management).
  • I was released in August 2008.  I was told the company is no longer pursuing a senior architectural approach.
  • This week, having depleted our savings and my support structure our van broke down and took half the money we have left to fix it.

I know many people, probably most of the world have it far worse off then we do currently.  It just feels kind of bleak right now.  I know things will look up.  I know that God is in control even when I rail against my situation.

On the positive side of things:

  • My resume is up to date and widely distributed.  (yes I know – cheap plug)
  • I have had a lot of activity and response to my resume and job site postings.
  • I have plugged into a local church (can’t afford the gas to continue the commute to our old church)
  • I have another check coming (vacation pay).
  • I have filed for unemployment.
  • I have time to spend on study and my blog.
  • I have time to spend with my wife and kids.

Ultimately God is in control and all I can do is do my best and (to quote Keith Green) pray that its blessed.  When Job lost everything he still managed to come through it all and be restored by God.  I do not claim to the spiritual reserves of Job, nor have I had the level of suffering he endured.

Well, this was quite cathartic.  Signing off for now.