Slippery slope

June 24, 2008

Kind of a depressing day.  Working through several personal financial issues.  Taxes and debt impinge on our lives and make it so much more complicated.  I would chuck it all for a chance to live debt free.  As Jason Fox said so aptly, “I have what most Internet start-ups would kill for, a whopping zero debt!”  Well unfortunately we do not have a whopping zero debt.  Although our checking account is very close to zero.

Changed our lifestyle so I could loose weight.  Now we need to change our lifestyle so we can loose debt.  The price of gas etc has not helped much.  We have burned through our savings with a series of emergencies and are left with a pile of debt and no saftey net.

It goes against my principals to declare bankruptcy so we will try and struggle through and get it paid off with out resorting to the crutch of defaulting.


Over the hill and gaining speed

June 20, 2008

I have passed 45 and it is amazing to look back and see the brief flash that has been my life.  My parents are both deceased within the past few years.  They both died in their 80s.  This means I am probably past the half way point in my life.  It seems like the years increase in speed and the amount of things I desire to accomplish pale next to the dearth of years I have left.

When I was young (yes I know many think 45 is young, though some think it is way to old) I wanted to accomplish great things and maybe someday make “gasp” $50,000.00 a year.  Well, I make more than that vaunted bench mark by close to a factor of 3, and yet the goal of money and things has become secondary at best.  What is important is not the amount of money, or the things that I own.

What is important?  My family.  My community.  My spiritual relationship with the Lord.  We have hit several hard seasons in our life, potentially in one right now.  I derive strength from my beliefs.  I derive comfort from my family.  I derive continuity and purpose from my community.

If I did not have a belief in God and the ultimate destination of heaven then this life would become fairly meaningless.  Anything would become permissible to amass as much as possible before I died.  The only measure of my life would be how many toys I died with.  I would also probably die kicking and screaming.  With God as my support, strength and direction I have a purpose.  To help others seek God.  To live my life according to his word.  (Yes I often fail, but I know that I am trying and often succeed through His grace.)

My family provides comfort and consistency as I try to provide comfort and consistency for them.  Phyllis and I have been married for close to half our lives.  We dated before that.  We seldom argue, it happens to us all.  I do not think we have ever let the sun set on an argument.  We keep short accounts and communicate constantly.  It keeps us focused on our relationship.  Our chief job is the security, love and well-being of each other.  When we feel secure and loved our kids feel secure and loved, even the teenager J

When I view the community not as something to use and dispose of, but rather as a group of individuals with needs and wants not dissimilar from my own, I develop a mindset that is caring and supportive.  As a family we have become involved in a number of charities.  It is our goal to give back some measure of what we have received.

First Posts

June 17, 2008

I have been involved in content syndication for a number of years.  It is interesting to note that blogging has been an on-again/off-again process for me.  Blogging can be directed or undirected, angst ridden or cathartic.  We tend to reveal more of our souls in the freedom of the blog then in any direct face-to-face contact. 

I hope to provide both insight into the technologies I love and a bit of an insight into myself in the process of maintaining this blog.